World of Warcraft Gold Guide – Spider Silk Farming


As a young Mage in my early levels I struggled to make gold in the World of Warcraft and was limited, in those early days, to a few basic strategies, sticking to mainly grinding a few mobs in the hope of a collecting a few silver coin and the drop of the occasional green.

Players new to the game often pass up the opportunity to make gold in wow through their lack of experience in terms of what and where to grind and often fail to recognize items of value that eventually drop, missing the opportunity to make much gold at auction. A good example is the grinding of spiders.

Spider Silk

Plague_LurkerThere is gold to be made in the grinding of spiders. Love em, or hate em they do drop some valuable mats, notably Spider Silk which always sells well – at least on my server – and is in much demand from the Tailors and Leatherworkers. You’ll find spiders in most of the zones, but they tend to be concentrated in certain areas. A good example of a low level spider mob to grind for Spider Silk are the Tarantulas at Alther’s Mill, Redbridge Mountains. You’ll also find them lurking in and around graveyards. A good example being Duskwood. But probably the best location are the Giant Plains Creeper of the Arathi Highlands.

Cooking With Spider

Darkmist_SilkspinnerOf course spiders drop more than silk. There are several cooking recipes that require a piece of spider in one form of another. This fact was taught to me by my old friend Stephen Ryback who is also the cook at the Pig & Whistle, Stormwind. In between practicing with his throwing knives (makes me think he wasn’t always a cook), Stephen will also show you how to cook a mean ‘Spider Sausage’. The sausage requires you to have 2 x White Spider Meat and a cooking skill of 200. The Spider Sausage restores 1392 health over 30 seconds in addition to a buff of plus 12 stamina and spirit lasting 15 minutes.