World Cup 2014: Belgium Defeats the U.S., 2-1, in Extra Time


Belgium v USA: Round of 16 - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

U.S. soccer fans across the Southland watched anxiously Tuesday as the clock ticked on a do-or-die knockout World Cup match against Belgium.

From downtown Los Angeles to downtown Long Beach, Redondo Beach to Anaheim, fans were consumed with what many considered to be the most important test of the U.S. team’s resolve on soccer’s greatest stage.

Michael Galas, 32, who works at a law firm in downtown L.A. that operates out of Latin American countries, sat at a bar wearing a blue-and-white-striped button-down over a red, white and blue USA jacket.

“This game is quite possibly one of the most important soccer games in U.S. history,” he said.

VIAby Los Angeles Times
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