Who Invented These Killer Shoes?


I always wondered who invented ?High Heel? shoes and ?Pointed? shoes.

It can’t be someone that wears them. No way is that possible, unless they like torture at any cost.

I personally have no clue how woman can wear these ?Torture Chambers?. I am not naive and do, however, realize that society has labeled them a necessary accessory. So women, in general, wear them because they have to for vanity purposes, since society says high heels look better. (Makes your legs look slender, is more professional, etc.) Believe me, I’m was no better. I used to wear them also, (but not more than 2?). However, my feet just couldn’t take it anymore. Everything I wear is flat and wide and if it does have a heel it is no more than 1/2 inch.

Combine the pointed toe and a high heel and ugghhh how can anyone wear them?

Then that makes me wonder. I would think that a normal person would look at them and see it doesn’t work. How could anyone even conceive that it would sell? I often wonder who designs these types of shoes? They must wear flip flops all day and have no clue what pain these shoes cause. It is hard enough for me to imagine designing them nevertheless selling them.

But, guess what? They sell and sell very well. This is the amazing part. What are we thinking? Then I wonder what their feet must look like. I envision those internet pictures of the asian women that the shoes are tied around their feet to shape their feet to the mold of the shoe. Their toes are all crunched together and the entire foot is distorted.

I mean how is it logical, if you look at a foot and then look at the show, I don’t understand the logic of thinking that it is okay to put your foot into this pointed high heel shoe. I grew up in New York and we used to call the pointed shoes that guys wore, ?cockroach corner killers? or something like that. Anyway, I just don’t see how anyone can wear these shoes.

There are lots of things out there that people do, that other people think are stupid or weird or not right, but wearing these shoes is just unbelievable.

Besides, ruining your feet, they can cause Low Back Pain, ruin your posture, affect your legs and on and on. Then once you start wearing them for a long period of time they cause your Achilles Tendon to shorten, not to mention the blisters, corns, and hammer toes. This will also make it painful to change back to lower heeled or flat shoes. Once your Achilles Tendon is shortened, flat shoes may cause you problems. The narrow toe box due to pointed shoes makes it even worse by cramming your toes together. What we do to look good!

Author: Donna Nocero