What job skills are needed to be a fashion designer?


Designing today’s fashion may seem like an easy job, but it takes specific skills and talents to actually be successful in the market.



Getting a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in fine arts is a good first step in your education. If you can combine your fashion degree with a business or marketing degree, that could come in handy if you ever wanted to open your own fashion business.You should be able to use math in cutting, measuring, and sewing. You need to know things about what’s in and what’s not. You also would need to know how to run a buisness, if you wish to do so.Eye for Design.Fashion designers must have an eye for color, as well as balance and proportion in the person and the outfit.


Fashion designers must have a flair for the creative. Since fashion is always changing, your creativity must never stop, either. You must have your own sense of style, as well, or your fashion will get lost in the jumble with everyone else’s.A fashion designer needs to be able to visualize new and uniqe clothing to fit fashion trend. Good observation skills and some form of drawing skills. Like hand drawing, painting, digital, ect.

Knowledge of Fashion History1409843467-28.jpgfashion1

Much of fashion is re-working what has already come before. Therefore, it is important to know the history of fashion.

There exists a diverse range of styles in fashion, varying by geography, exposure to modern media, economic conditions, and ranging from expensive haute couture to traditional garb, to thrift store.fashion2

Working Under Pressure

This is a skill that some people may lack, but is vital in the fashion industry. Deadlines must be met and different types of people may get on your nerves. Under all these types of pressure, you must be able to stay calm and get your work finished.


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