Weight Lifting Regimens




In any weight exercise program, you can use numerous resistance training regimes that can be applied to realize different objectives. Several weigh lifting programs will supplement your specialized sports training. Others will be suitable for bodybuilding and weight lifting. There are others that will be meant for recreation or general fitness and condition. Whatever the reason for a body weight workout, it is important to know there are actually numerous weight lifting regimes out there that could be used. In this article we will look at three exercises for three different purposes.675435162_175

1. Alternate Body Working out Program

This method is meant for serious body builders which includes a strength training routine exercising complementary muscles. Complementary muscle groups are muscles which when one contracts, the other group is actually at rest or not fully activated. Examples of complementary muscle groups are the pectorals and latissimus dorsi, biceps and triceps, hamstrings and quadriceps, and abdominals and spinal erectors. On day 1, we can target pectorals, triceps, quadriceps, and spinal erectors for exercising, while not involving the other components of the complementary set. On day 2, we can then work on the latissimus dorsi, biceps, hamstrings and abdominals. We can repeat the weight lifting routine on subsequent days. By this strategy of exercising, each component set, gets rested for 48 hours before they are engaged again. At the same time, intense training could be carried out for maximal growth and development.weight-lifting-for-beginners

2. The One-Three-Five Method

This is a very common weight lifting routine that is used by most sports program to incorporate a weight training component in the exercising for the sport. Most sports as we know will benefit from a number of form of strength exercising. The strength and power working out attained in this weight lifting routine will be useful in the execution of the sports skills during competition. For example, the jumping power attained in weight working out will be useful for a basketball player executing lay-ups and dunks. The One-Three-Five Program is basically allocating Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for body weight working out and the other days for sports skills and tactics training. During body weight exercising days, the athletes will execute a general resistance training routine of bench presses, pull-ups, sit-ups, military presses and squats. These are five general mass building and strength exercising exercises. Each exercise targets a major muscle grouping, thus ensuring that overall strength training is achieved. In this routine, the athletes also perform general sets and repetitions of 4×10.

3. 3-Day Split Working out Program

In this strategy, the whole body is worked over 3 days. We working out similar muscle sets on each day while allowing the other parts to rest and recover. We can divide our muscles into the following three groups: chest, biceps and triceps; back, abdominals and shoulders; thighs, gluteus and calves. In addition to rest and recovery allocated for this strength training routine, another key advantage is the utilization of pull and push muscles on each exercising day to protect the skeletal structure of the body. One example is, training the biceps (pull muscle) and triceps (push muscle) will protect the elbow joints well. The 3 day rest is also very substantial for growth to take place.

Again, the above 3 body systems and weight lifting exercises are not the only ones available. When deciding on which routine to use, it is important to bear in mind the objectives of your strength workout. As you progress, you may even combine and vary your weight lifting exercises to attain your working out thinkable goals.th