web: Game is on for top spot; FIFA 09 (PS3), Electronic Arts.


LIKE Rafael Benitez’s Liverpool side, FIFA games have always

tended to be something of an anti-climax. And just like the Reds, this

game might finally be delivering some of its undoubted promise.

Thankfully the old days of sluggish gameplay and repetitive action

are long gone as FIFA lays down the marker for the forthcoming release

of Pro Evolution Soccer’s 2009 edition.

As you’d expect from one of the FIFA games, the graphic

element of the game is on the money and oozes class, but it’s

always been the gameplay that’s been the problem. Has this been

solved? Well, yes and no is probably the real answer.

Gone is the absolute inability to catch a team on the break and

goalkeepers with lead gloves, but the crossing system still feels


Similarly, breaking down a defence often relies too heavily on the

trickery of an individual, meaning the dexterity of your fingers can

often be the difference between winning and losing. Give me the chance

to go route one anyday.

But don’t let this take away from a game which offers a lot to

a lot of people.

The be a pro mode works nicely for those looking for a new

challenge (you play as one player on the park), while the online options

look meaty to say the least.

Judging FIFA against past versions you can only be impressed as EA

continually manage to iron out some of the problems.

But the real test of this game’s championship credentials will

be when its traditional rival, Pro Evo, appears on the market too.

Let battle commence!


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