Top 5 Beautiful Mammals


?? ? There are however mammals which may appear, to the human eye at least, to be far more beautiful than any other mammals alive or extinct. Unfortunately, for some of the most beautiful mammals of the world, poachers enjoy hunting, even when its against every law. This is, because they can make money with the pelts, blood money that is. Due to poachers and people wanting those pelts to turn into fashion statements . Sometimes, beauty really is a curse, for people covet it far too much to be healthy.

Right to bear arms

???? There are people who may enjoy staring at the pelt of a beautiful mammal, but only if its on a living, breathing creature. They go to the zoos to see them, or on Safari’s. Safari’s in the true habitat may be more dangerous, but they’re far more wild and realistic. Keeping wild animals in their natural habitat is the most beautiful thing of all, especially for the animals who live there. Plus in the wild there are far more mammals than one shall ever see at a zoo, with a variety of pelts as well as feathers and foliage. All the beautiful mammals deserve to keep their home, their natural habitat, beautiful too.

5 of the Most Beautiful Mammals the World Over

1. Red Panda

???? The red panda is a beautiful animal with its red-brown, blackish and white furry body. It’s body fur is mostly of a reddish-brown color, its underside fur blackish. The white fur they sport can be found around its ears, muzzle, cheeks and the top of its eyes as well as the rings of its tail.

???? This small makes its home in the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. It is neither a member of the family Procyonidae (raccoons) nor the family Ursidae (bears), but of the family Ailuridae.

???? When this adorable little member of the superfamily, Musteloidae is found sleeping in a tree, one can not help, but to stop and stare at it's adorable beauty.

???? These precious creatures however are in a vulnerable state as there is an estimate of there being less than 10,000 mature individuals in the world.

???? There are programs for those who cannot bear the thought of losing such a beautiful mammal.

2. Okapi

????? An okapi is a beautiful mostly diural, herbivorous mammal. The okapi is most closely related to the giraffe, despite its black and white stripes which remind people of a zebra.

???? One can find this reddish dark backed creature with its horizontal white stripes on the front and back of its legs in the Ituri Rainforest.

???? The Ituri Rainforest is located in northeast Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is in Central Africa. They are most commonly found in the areas of Wamba and Epulu.

???? These beautiful creatures were once adopted into the International Society of Cryptozoology as an emblem, as they are sometimes referred to as an example of a living fossil. The International Society of Cryptozoology however is now defunct.

???? This beautiful mammal in the wild is an illusive creature, but there are okapi’s which can be seen in zoos. Some wild safari’s might lead to a viewing of the creature which had in the past been called an African unicorn.

3. Kangaroo

????? Another beautiful mammal is the kangaroo, a strict herbivore which is a marsupial belonging to the family Macropodidae. The little joeys that the females carry in their pouch are particularly adorable when their head is seen hanging out of their mothers pouch.

???? These gorgeous creatures can only be found in Australia. It’s numbers are numerous, at least the larger of the Kangaroos although its smaller cousins are endangered. This, due to not being able to adapt quite so well to the changes in Australia’s landscape by humans.

???? As the kangaroo is so numerous and popular in Australia, it has become Australia’s national symbol. The coat of arms of Australia also sports a kangaroo as well as on some of Australia’s currency. One really can’t go anywhere in Australia without running into this beautiful mammal, even if it is only a symbol.

4. Ring-tailed Lemur

???? The Lemur too, is a beautiful mammal, particularly the Ring-tailed Lemur. They are a creature which is endemic to the island of Madagascar.

???? This lovely animal species name comes from the Roman mythology of lemures, which means ghosts or spirits. They were so called, because of their ghostly vocalizations and reflective eyes, as well as the nocturnal habits of some of its cousins.

???? These strepsirrhine primates is the most recognized of lemurs, because of its lovely long, black and white ringed tail. This diural omnivorous mammal is more territorial than all of its other lemur cousins.

???? The movie, Madagascar got it wrong with King Julian as king, because in the Lemur kingdom, the female is dominant on the hierarchy.

???? These beautiful social mammals may only be seen on Madagascar, unless of course a zoo happens to have acquired any.

5. Bobcat

???? A beautiful mammal which is found in North America from southern Canada to Mexico, as well as most of the continental United States is the bobcat.

???? This gray to brown pelted member of the Felidae family is an adaptable predator. Their populations have been proven to be resilient despite people hunting them for their glorious coat as well as for sport.


???? This beautiful mammal is believed to have evolved from the Eurasian lynx after it had crossed into North America. Doing so when the Bering land bridge allowed them to during the Pleistocene. This gorgeous animal appears to be able to give birth to successful hybrids with the modern Canada lynx.