Top 10 Apps for Practicing Yoga


Did You Know?

Daily Yoga has an online , where one can reach out to other yoga practitioners. Such a feature helps people to improve upon their knowledge regarding yoga.

Yoga comprises the spiritual and physical practices, which help in achieving fitness alongside mental peace. This art form originated in ancient India and has gained popularity ever since. The reason behind its popularity is the ease of practicing it. The asanas and breathing techniques even if practiced for fifteen minutes a day, will have positive effects on the body.

In today's fast-paced life, one hardly finds time to relax. So, there is no time for taking yoga classes in order to keep oneself fit. However, our Android and iPhone/iPad have given us a solution for this problem. All you have to do is to switch on the mobile device, and download the app. Now, place the device in front of you, and start practicing yoga with the device playing your guru.

These apps have gained popularity ever since they were introduced. Buzzle lists out for you ten such apps that have become popular due to their easy usability.

Apps for Stress Relief

1. Daily Yoga

This app provides yoga sessions of different levels and duration. The videos are also available in HD format. The first five yoga sessions, out of the twelve sessions, are free of cost, but the remaining ones are paid versions. It features three different yoga intensities, which you can select from: (i) Casual; (ii) Moderate; and (iii) Intense workouts. The app has a community support in case you are facing a problem with the sessions.

Price: Free

5. Simply Yoga

This app provides the user a personal instructor who demonstrates the pose. The length of the session can be chosen, i.e., it can be a 20-, 40-, or 60-minute routine. It features about 30+ poses, and there are audio instructions for each pose. The full version of the app has "Level 2" kind of workouts.

Price: Free

6. Yoga Fitness 3D

The app has build sequences of up to 16 poses ranging from the basics to the ones that are advanced. As the name suggests, each pose has been represented in a 3D form. The app also gives information regarding the importance of each pose and a description of how to perform the pose. The background effects and session can be changed.

Price: Free

7. Yoga for Weight Loss

The app contains specialized exercises that help in converting the excess fat into energy, thus inducing weight loss. The exercises help in toning the abs and to get in shape. The correct breathing techniques for each asana are explained in detail. One can change the difficulty level from beginner to advanced level.

Price: $2.99 (iTunes) / $4.50 (Google Play)

Download from Google Play

8. Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles

This app features routines that one can easily adapt to. The users can choose from the various lessons that are individual, or one can customize them as well. The nuances of each pose can be studied in detail by watching the instructional video. There are details related to breathing techniques that need to be followed.

Price: $1.99 (iTunes) / $1.99 (Google Play)

Download from iTunesDownload from Google Play

9. Office Yoga

With everyone spending a lot of time at their offices, there is little time left for exercising. So, here’s an app that features easy postures that can be performed when one is in the office. These postures can be executed when you are at your desk, near the coffee machine, the copying machine, etc. These postures help you to completely de-stress and relax.

Price: $0.99 (iTunes) / Free (Google Play)

Download from iTunesDownload from Google Play

10. CorePower Yoga

Try this app to know about the different yoga studios in your area. One can select the studio and check its schedule. The details of the instructor and time when the class is being held can be known. The schedule gets updated automatically if any information changes.

(Note: Users are facing problems with the app, but iTunes has fixed the bugs.)

Price: Free

Download from iTunesDownload from Google Play

These apps for practicing yoga are very user-friendly, and many of these apps have an online community center where one can seek help. With many of these apps having the reminder option available, there is no excuse left for not having your daily dose of fitness. Stay fit by downloading these apps for practicing the different yoga poses.