They took a “Devil” (CR7) So they took their Angel (Di Maria)


[Real’s 10th Champions League title]

Real Madrid took a “Devil” Cristiano Ronaldo. So Manchester United( The Devils )  took their Angel from Real Madrid  (Los Merengues) . I personal liked Di Maria to stay in Madrid but with the  arrival of James Rodriguez he didnt get to play as much even tho DI Maria is way better then James Rodriguez.  No one has this guys skills. I think Madrid did a bad idea to sell him. We cant do nothing , but wish the Fideo the best with his new team mates.

Di Maria “I didn’t want to leave” He wrote that in the Letter to the Madrid Fans and Team mates.

This is his letter he wrote>>> ( In an open letter to Real fans Di María wrote: “My cycle at Real Madrid has come to an end. It’s impossible to capture everything I’ve experienced here in a few lines but I hope this letter communicates what I feel at the moment. I had the honour to wear this shirt for four years and I feel nothing but pride for what I went through and achieved with my team-mates.

“Unfortunately, I have to go but I want to make clear that this was never my desire. Like anyone who works, I’ve always wanted to progress. After winning La Décima [Real’s 10th Champions League title] I went to the World Cup with the hope of receiving a gesture from the board, which never arrived. Many things and many lies were told. Someone may not like me. The only thing I asked for was something fair. There are many things that I value and many of them have nothing to do with my salary. I hope to find them at Manchester United, one of the biggest clubs in the world. I’ve been lucky to play in a team with fantastic players, who have been even better friends. I think that was the key to La Décima.

“I want to apologise for my mistakes, on and off the pitch. It was never my intention to hurt anyone. I sweated in every game I played in the [Madrid] shirt as if it were the last.”

As Di María was settling into his first hours as a United player Louis van Gaal’s side were suffering a [Madrid] as they were dumped out of the Capital One Cup)