SLIPKNOT’s (Possible) Top Ten Replacements For Their Newest Drummer



Last night, Slipknot announced that they parted with founding drummer Joey Jordison, which was quite a shock to longtime fans. Many considered Joey to be the heart of the band. But alas, the band must move on, so who could they possibly get to replace him?

I would like to speculate 10 possible replacements. Please note, this is pure conjecture, I have no inside knowledge on the future of the band, these are just ten guys I can totally see being able to do the job…



Previous achievements: A little band called Slayer, Fantomas, Philm, etc.

Why he would work: Dave clearly has some free time on his hands now that he is no longer in Slayer, and would be the type of recognizable name that the band could get to help soften the blow of Joey not being there.

Why he wouldn’t work: It almost seems like a step down for Lombardo, plus he’s a generation older than the rest of his bandmates, and he might be too busy with personal projects like Philm and resurrecting Grip Inc. and whatever this supergroup is.


Gene Hoglan drums

Previous achievements: Dethklok, Dark Angel, Death, Testament, Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory, etc.

Why he would work: Gene Hoglan is regarded as the best all-around drummer in metal, and can pick up any song within two listens of it. He is called “The Atomic Clock” for a reason. Gene once filled in for Anthrax on a few hours notice, after already playing a full set with Testament. He can do it all!

Why he wouldn’t work: He might already be super busy with his other commitments to Dethklok, Testament and whatever else he’s working on. Plus, the band might not want to have to split their drummer’s time with other projects.



Previous achievements: Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold, Winery Dogs

Why he would work: Portnoy knows what it means to fill in for a band, having done so for Avenged Sevenfold when their drummer passed away. He’s relatively available, and seems like enough of a big name where it could work for fans.

Why he wouldn’t work: He might see the music as not matching his personal style and be too busy with his Prog Nation cruise and his new project, Winery Dogs, which seems to be his main focus.


Iggor Cavalera drums

Previous achievements: Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy, Nailbomb

Why he would work: His drumming style would be a great fit for Slipknot and he doesn’t seem to have a main project, as Cavalera Conspiracy only takes up part of his time.

Why he wouldn’t work: He might not want to join a band full-time. According to his Wikipedia page, he currently lives in England, so that might pose a problem.


Tim Yeung

Previous achievements: Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, All That Remains

Why he would work: Tim’s drumming style seems to be as relentless as Joey’s, so I can see him easily sliding into the position and being a very suitable replacement. From a financial point of view, he would probably be cheaper to hire than the big guns mentioned above. Yeung is a phenomenal drummer and would be a great asset to the band moving forward.

Why he wouldn’t work: He might be too busy with Morbid Angel and his own projects.


Kevin Talley

Previous achievements: Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Daath, Battlecross, Six Feet Under

Why he would work: Much like Yeung, Talley’s drum style seems to fit right in with what Slipknot is looking for. Plus, he’s a journeyman, hopping from project to project and is well-versed as a drummer.

Why he wouldn’t work: Might be too pre-occupied with his own projects.


drums Roy Mayorga

Previous achievements: Stone Sour, Soulfly, Ozzy Osbourne

Why he would work: The easy choice, no? He already has experience with a few of the members in the band being in Stone Sour and probably gets along great with everybody.

Why he wouldn’t work: Perhaps Slipknot would want somebody not already in Stone Sour to help keep the two brands separate.


Jordan Mancino drums

Previous achievements: As I Lay Dying

Why he would work: With his frontman currently awaiting trial, he’s not exactly busy right now and is quite the competent drummer. The two bands already have a positive relationship, as the As I Lay Dying guitarists filled in for Jim Root on Mayhem Fest a few years back when he was sick.

Why he wouldn’t work: Perhaps the band wouldn’t want the negative publicity of associating with As I Lay Dying.



Previous achievements: The Black Dahlia Murder, Battlecross, All That Remains, etc.

Why he would work: One of the best all-around drummers in metal and currently without a main project.

Why he wouldn’t work: He left Black Dahlia Murder because he was over touring, so maybe he wouldn’t be into the commitment.


David Silvera drums

Previous achievements: Korn

Why he would work: Slipknot came up just after Korn broke big and the two bands have shared many stages together. I’m sure they’re friends and Silvera has expressed an interest in returning to drumming

Why he wouldn’t work: He strikes me as having a different style than Joey and may not fit in with the band aesthetic.

So those are my guesses for possible replacement.