Sexy Shoes and Bunions


Men love women who wear sexy shoes with high heels and pointed toes. And women love to wear the shoes that they know attract male attention and turn men on. Nice-Womens-ShoesBut bunions on your pretty little feet may spoil all the fun. In fact, with bunions, your tfee so pretty anymore. There’s this bump on the side of your foot, and it hurts to wear shoes. And if you keep on wearing the sexy high heels with pointed toe, the bunion pain just gets worse and worse. So much for turning men on. It’s hard to do that when you feel miserable.

If you have the idea that only your grandmother gets bunions, then you are in for a big surprise. Bunions are by no means confined to the elderly; in fact, some children develop bunions. Many people are born with a genetic abnormality of the bone structure in their foot, which can lead to bunions at any age. Another genetic condition that contributes to bunions is flat feet. But many people with these hereditary issues do not . In fact, they can go through their whole life just fine. Why are they so lucky?

awesome-womens-shoes-23559466-1000-1000So, now the discussion needs to go back to the kinds of shoes many women cannot resist wearing. The vast majority of people with bunions are women. And it is women who wear the sexy high heels with pointed toes that men love to stare at. If you have a genetic predisposition to bunion formation, then these sexy shoes are the worst things you can do to your feet. The downward pressure on your forefoot and the lack of adequate room for your toes is constant torture for your foot, even if it does not always feel like torture to you. Eventually you will pay the price. And bear in mind that bunions do not go away. Once you have a bunion, it is there forever, unless you have surgery on your foot. While this is usually an just an hour-long outpatient procedure, the recovery time can be up to several weeks.