PS3 Slim Problems


If you have gone ahead and bought a new PS3 Slim, or are contemplating buying one, then there are a few problems you need to be aware of. Some of these are minor issues that are faced by all video game consoles, whereas some are unique to this particular console. Getting a console repaired is not an easy task by any means, and it is certainly not an inexpensive matter either. This is something that you must be prepared for, when you are dealing with consumer electronics in any form.


The Sony PlayStation 3 Slim was released in September 2009, and the advantage of this console is that you can get enhanced memory of 120 GB, 160 GB, 250 GB or even 320 GB. The device is 36% lighter than the older model, and it is also 33% smaller. All this means that the console takes up far lesser space, but this does not mean that it is immune from certain issues.

The design of the console is something that has not gone down well with many people, and there is a discernible difference when you compare it with the older model, which undeniably looks far more classy. Moreover, the finish is also not as good as the glossy one on the old model. Instead, you get a dull looking matte finish.

Sony PS3 Slim Problems

Reading Disc

This PS3 problem may seem bizarre, but it is something that happens to many people. Certain games just do not get read by the console, no matter how hard you try. A system reboot may, or may not work, but you should definitely ensure that you are on the latest firmware update for the console. This can be acquired from the official PlayStation website. You should also check out some other games to see if the problem is with the disc. Or you should try putting the disc into another console, to see if the problem is with the console. Either way, you are sure to end up losing some money, but you need to act fast.


Now this is one of the problems with PS3 that is not uncommon at all, and if your luck is down, there’s nothing much you can do about it. The PS3 Slim is designed to combat overheating as much as possible, but there are instances where this does happen. The result is that the console gets unbearably hot to touch, and the games start freezing on the screen. These freezing problems are thus, directly related to overheating. To solve this you must ensure that the console is kept in an open place when it is running. If you keep it in a closed area it will be afflicted by thermal runaway, which means that the hot air coming out from the back will be sucked right back in. This will cause the released air to be even hotter, and this will go on and on till your console fails completely.


These are the two major problems that people face from time to time. Apart from these, there are many other minor problems that also arise from time to time. If you have recently carried out PS3 hard drive upgrade, you may face some PS3 hard drive upgrade problems. If you regularly play on the PlayStation Network you may face some PS3 connection problems, and may even have to deal with a PS3 DNS Error. From time to time, you may even have to contend with a blinking red light on PS3.

All of these problems can be solved if you know more about troubleshooting PS3 problems. Some issues can be solved by you at home, and this will save you many resources. If the problem you are facing is serious, and it persists for a prolonged period of time, you will have to take your console to an official PlayStation repair store.