OnGuardHelp App – A Guard That Ensures Student Safety on Campus


OnGuardHelp app is a personal safety app that brings the “Blue Light” emergency concept inside the Smartphone of every . This app protects both students and faculty members on and off campus, around the clock. It is a very economical way to secure college campuses by putting this vital tool in the hands of students, employees and the faculty.

OnGuardHelp app co-ordinates with enforcement and enables them to respond to a crisis situation in a smart way. This app comprises five icons present on their home screen that with a single tap can send an alert to family, a friend or OnGuardHelp central monitoring services. In this scenario, a student can input the emergency contact number of campus security and also input their close friends or family member’s number. The app uses GPS technology by which a single tap by the user can send an alert in the form of emergency text or call, along with the details of their current location based on real time GPS. Benefits of replacing traditional safety methods with OnGuardHelp app in college campus –

  • Improving the Campus security and enforcement

It helps enforcement for colleges to respond faster to major or minor situations and respond with more precision.

• Implementation of Advanced level of technology

The safety of students and faculty is the number 1 priority on every college campus. By subscribing to the services of OnGuardHelp app, it enables them to use an of technology to keep their community safe and secure.

• Increased safety at no cost

OnGuardHelp app is available for pennies per day and any college or university can start using the OnGuardHelp app with no cost to the school and very low cost to students, staff and faculty.

  • Personal Security on the go

OnGuardHelp app when successfully installed on the Smartphones of students will give them access to use their services, even on the go with just a single tap.