News on the Upcoming iPhone 6


iPhone 6 release date

iPhone 6 release dateThe iPhone 6 release date is virtually certain for September, which would fit in nicely with the rollout of the newly announced iOS 8.
More exactly, the iPhone 6 launch date momentum has been set for September 9, an idle Tuesday at the start of the month.
The standard launch cycle will be likely followed, which means the Tuesday announcement will be followed by an on-sale release date 10 days later – which means Friday September 19 will be the first time you’ll be able to get your mitts on it.It’s looking increasingly likely that we’ll see more than one Apple handset this year, with a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and a 5.5-inch phablet – possibly dubbed the iPhone Air or the iPhone 6L – coming alongside. The latter was rumored to be pushed until later in the year, thanks to problems with the battery and production, but recent updates seem to say these have been solved.
TechRadar’s sources have also intimated that both models will launch together, so we’re pretty confident that will happen. On top of that, the iWatch now looks very likely to appear at the same time, with re/code stating that Apple’s wearable will appear next to one or two phones in September, rather than later in the year (or possibly in 2015) as previously predicted.
The launch could still be split – it makes sense to launch an iPhone Air and iWatch together at an event – but that would be too many in the space of a few months, so an iPhone 6 and iPhone Air dual announcement makes sense.
And it sounds like production is about to start, as the Economic Daily News reports that the 4.7-inch has already gone into production, while the 5.5-inch handset will enter production soon too – so it could be the release dates for the two models are split.

With the launch likely happening soon it’s little surprise to find that the iPhone 6 user guide may have been leaked. got hold of it and it’s possible that it’s fake or a non-final version as the bezels shown are a lot larger than we’re expecting, but even if Apple hasn’t finalised the guide yet the mere fact that it’s out there suggests the iPhone 6 will soon be on sale.
After trawling through all the iPhone 6 rumors we kicked our render machine into gear and came up with a concept of what we’d like Apple’s eighth generation flagship smartphone to look like.
Check out our creation in the video below.

iPhone 6 design

Update: The most recent leak surrounding the look of the iPhone has been given to us by network China Telecom, which seems to have shown off the first press shot of the new iPhone. Credit: Sina Mobile NewsThe leak could be hoaxed, as to accidentally publish such an important picture on social networks seems unlikely. That is, until you see that the same colours are mirrored precisely in leaked pictures of the forthcoming iPhone SIM trays from, which has good form in leaking new iPhone components.

We’ll call these colours Blazing Sun, Old Glue and Broken Daydream (Credit:
The home buttons also make an appearance, and a side pic of the tray ‘confirms’ the curved edge of the new iPhone.Other very recent images posted to WeiFeng also align with this, showing a very similar looking phone to the ones in the press shot above.

We could see up to three models coming on September 9: an iPhone 5C sequel, an iPhone 6 and an iPhone Air, with the latter being a larger size to compete with the likes of the Galaxy Note 3, as phablets are becoming hugely popular in areas like Asia.
One thing you probably can expect is more premium metal to come your way with the iPhone 6, and Apple patents for liquidmetal 3D printing suggest there may be a new way to form the sultry chassis on the new iPhone.
Writing in early January 2014, MacRumors quotes a batch of liquidmetal patents reportedly filed by Apple employees.
This has been doing the rounds for a while though, and apparently it’s a tricky material to work with. A new video purportedly showing the iPhone 6 also suggests that it won’t be liquidmetal at all and will instead be aluminium, but that it will have a liquidmetal Apple logo.