Make This Your Best Christmas Ever


Most adults understand that Christmas is both a time of rejoicing and one of giving gifts to others. It is this giving that has provided us more enjoyment of the holiday season than anything else we have ever done.

This season we hope to involve you in the process. If we are successful your Christmas will be a little brighter, more enjoyable and most of all memorable for years to come! We need to point out a very disturbing problem that we need your help with.

Many people are suffering because of the banks greed and animals are also suffering! We are ALL animal lovers and care lots about our four footed friends.

The many people that lost homes have caused a large increase in the number of pets, little hairy kids, which no longer have homes or loving families. Many have been turned loose to fend for themselves, abandoned in their former homes, taken to extremely overcrowded animal shelters, and a very lucky few find themselves in foster care or a new loving home.

The problem is so acute that many government run animal shelters don’t have medications or food enough for their animal guests. The medications of course are to euthanize the animals in a humane way, but even those supplies are exhausted. So these loving little hairy kids are simply starved to death in many government run animal shelters. Some of them turn to cannibalism and eat their partner sharing a cage.

We and you could donate money to the government animal shelters, but governments would probably not use the money for the kids. We could donate money to private run shelters, but then again it would most likely not be used for the kids.

The answer of course is animal rescue groups in your area. You could donate food and or provide foster care for some of the kids especially this time of year.

Please join with us and help do something about this horrible situation.

Please help them have a good Christmas and a Wonderful Life. You can simply foster one or more of these animals, buy some food for them or both.

If you are part of any social network, please share this horrible situation with others, hopefully we can do something about it, together.