Is Your Electric Clothes Dryer Broken?


There is no doubt that clothes dryers are one of the most useful electrical devices that have ever been invented. It is a perfect solution for those people who live in upper level apartment buildings and have not chance to simply hang their clothes outside on a line. Nevertheless, after after time goes by the clothes dryer will begin to have problems, when you will have to a little knowledge of how to fix it.

The first thing you need to know is that, if your clothes dryer is still under warranty, you should not take any chances trying to fix it on your own. You have to get through the company which will call a repairman to came in and see what is wrong with the dryer. Most warranties claim that if you try to repair the clothes dryer by yourself you may make the warranty nullified. Thus, if you open the top or the back, you can end up giving the money for all the component parts. In case your clothes dryer is past its warranty, you could fix it by yourself. Most of it is simple.

If your clothes take more time to dry than usually, the reasons could be different. Fortunately, you did not throw off your possessor’s manual, since that is one of the most significant booklets which you could ever receive about the problems that from time to time happens with your clothes dryer. Before you do anything else, check if the lint filter is made clean on a regular basis at least once a week.

If nothing is wrong with the filter, the next thing to look into is your vent tube. It may occur that it has been stopped by something so you need to clean it out. In that case you have to unplug the dryer and put it away from the wall, so that you could take it from the back. The hose (tub) will only let you move the electric clothes dryer for a short distance. Then, with a pair of channel locks, if it applies a clinch of that time to have the hose onto the base, it may need a screwdriver, or a pair of pliers to let the hose. Once the hose is up, you can check out down into it as far as you could, or you may shake it to find out if there is some trash someplace in the hose itself.

If it is not the problem, consultcheck the owner’s manual on what the next steps are. It is really simple to take the back off the clothes dryer but, be extremely cautious with the sharp edges on the cross plates that, even they are dull, may cut you sometimes really badly. When you see the heating unit, you will see that you should disconnect some wires. In that case it is really remarkable to check which wires go in which place, as otherwise you may cause an electrical fire. From the inside of the plate you will discover some screws or nuts that have been fastened. It can be difficult to release them so that they will turn easy; yet, once you detach the unit you must get it to the adequate facility.

And this is not all. There are numerous other items, like the belt and the motor, but there isn’t enough room in this article to explore those fields. Still, it is advised that you discover as much as you can about how to fix your clothes dryer.