Is PS4 Worth It? 10 Games That Should Make You Buy One


moneyThis  PS4 is better than Xbox One. For some reason, I have always been with the Sony consoles ever since the first Playstation. I just happen to like the system itself, the games, and the controller is especially dear to me, I simply love the button-configuration and how it perfectly fits in your hands! I’ve just been following a “brand” that has been giving what I want, and it never failed to fulfill my gaming needs.?

Now, this article is about what Sony’s next-gen console can give you game-wise, and that dear reader, is providing gamers with overdoses of excitement and anticipation! Read on to see why you should buy a ?if you are still unsure whether to do so.

killzone shawdofall

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone has always been a highly anticipated title on the Sony platforms thanks to its stunning visuals and action-packed gameplay. Even if it never reached the status of Halo, Killzone is still a favorite amongst fans of the Shooter genre. Being one of the first exclusives that will be available for PS4 owners,?Killzone: Shadow Fall previews have shown superior?graphics, beautifully rendered scenarios, and the promise?of addicting gun-action. The story takes place 30 years after the events of Killzone 3, where the conflicts between the Vekta and Helghan races will be your excuse to shoot some heads!

infamous seo=

Infamous: Second Son

After the electrifying experience that was inFamous, the series now takes itself to whole new level of story-telling and twists in Infamous: Second Son, presenting a dystopian world controlled through surveillance. The oppressive force that claims all is for humanity’s protection, has made enemies amongst the Conduits, humans with superpowers. You are one of those folks and will be fighting off the oppressive troops with your initial sort of Pyromancer powers, but your real power is that of copying the powers of other?Conduits! One can only imagine the possibilities!



This is a new level for fans of the likes of Burnout or Need for Speed.? DriveClub is Sony’s answer to your chaotic and destructive race needs! With incredible vehicle renderings, full-screen?first-person perspective,?online racing team management and arcade-remniscent fun, this one already looks like a winner in its field of expertise!



Knack was the first title announced for the PS4, and represents that genre that has the most potential to provide fun for someone holding a controller! Knack is a platformer of intriguing mechanics and charming looks, where the main character is an ancient robot made of runes, capable of altering his form in order to solve puzzles or engage powerful foes. The mastermind behind the legends of Spyro and Crash Bandicoot was part of the team that came up with Knack, so we can only expect good things from this one!

the order-1886

The Order: 1886

Not much is known about The Order, other than that it presents a steampunk setting, supernatural creatures and cool looking knights ready to defend the kingdom. This game does look awesome, and is one of the most intriguing original titles announced so far.?


Deep Down

Deep Down is a fantasy dungeon-crawler with some of the most impressive visuals ever seen on a console. Not only do the characters look real, but also every little effect and detail shown in the trailer. Fire is one of the hardest things to “animate”, and the fire effects shown in Deep Down are simply gorgeous. Not much is known about the gameplay, but it seems that there will be Dragons!

final fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Everyone knows the disaster that was Final Fantasy XIV, fans of the series and casual gamers alike. Well, the guys of Square Enix weren’t happy with the end result and disappointment of their biggest gaming franchise as well,?to the point of representatives of the company publicly apologizing for the many flaws of the MMO! (You don’t see that often.) So, with a promise of a total revamp, A Realm Reborn could be considered an entirely new game! It will be available for PS3 owners as well, but the potential of this open world Final Fantasy in the PS4 is huge! It is about time console gamers start getting their hands on much-deserved decent MMORPGs!



Outlast brings survival horror to with great improvement upon the genre! No fancy weapons or unrealistically courageous main characters fearlessly hack and slashing through supernatural thereats! No, Outlast puts you in the shoes of a journalist trying to find out what is really happening inside an ilicit asylum, but what he will find there is a terrifying secret and a fight for survival!



If Outlast has you running for your life in an asylum filled with mindless and violent creatures, Daylight is here to bring horror games a psychological touch. You awake in a deserted hospital with your cellphone as your only weapon, while you go through dark corridors and creepy rooms solving demoniacal puzzles in order to find your way out of an incredibly?uncomfortable and nightmarish scenario! A particularity about Daylight, is that no play through will ever be the same, seeing as how the environments are randomly generated. You’ll never know where you’ll be mind-screwed next!

diablo 3

Diablo III

The third installment of the popular Diablo series is nothing new, but Blizzard is now expanding its Diablo III audience into console territory, giving PS4 exclusivity. It has even been argued before that the dungeon crawler has always been intended to be released as a console game. Now with controls perfectly configured for the PS4 controller, PC-shy?gamers can have their dose of demon-slaying on the comfort of their sofa!

In addition to the full exclusives and console exclusives, here are 10 more fantastic titles that will also make their appearance on the PS4

-Battlefield 4: Following the huge hit that was Battlefield 3 on current-gen, this sequel brings the promise to make great use of next-gen potential for a unforgettable gaming experience.

-Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag: Ever since Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood that the series took a jump in popularity in every major gaming platform, and the fourth installment is bound to be present on the PS4. This time the sneaky franchise takes you the the land of pirates, the sea!

-Watch Dogs:?An open world, a dystopian society, corrupted networks and plenty of intrigue. Watch Dogs also makes itself present on PS4, giving the player the chance to become a hacker of sorts, with the internet as his greatest weapon.?

-Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain: Metal Gear, as it was to be expected, makes its appearance on its home console. The ever-popular franchise returns to its focus on stealthy gameplay.

-Kingdom Hearts 3: Kingdom Hearts was a huge hit when it first came out, generating sequels, spin-offs and a lot of fandom! Ever since the end of Kingdom Hearts 2, that fans of the series await for the highly anticipated and somewhat promised third entry. PS4 owners are now guaranteed to play it!

-The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: The Witcher series will continue on the Sony’s new system as well, and you can expect a huge world with?free-roaming environment, non-linear narrative and even more fantasy!

-Final Fantasy XV:?Final Fantasy Versus XIII is no longer in development for the sake of the fifteenth entry of the main series. As far as plot goes, a certain crystal happens to be cause of the problems of this unique world!?

-Mad Max: As a fan of Mad Max and The Road Warrior, having the possibility of playing a game inspired on the same post-apocalyptic scenario, in a game that looks so promising, is simply awesome! Fans of Just Cause and Fallout, get ready for some mad survival!

-Dragon Age Inquisition: The award-winning franchise has already made itself noted with teasers and images of the new Dragon Age title. BioWare promises a full-fledged war between Mages and Templars, a huge open word and improved dialogue mechanics, where your actions will dictate the consequences.

-Thief:?I’ve have never heard of Thief to be honest, but it seems it does garner a strong community of fans from its older games. There has not been a Thief title in a long time, but with next-gen it now returns with amazing graphics, and a gameplay?that looks like a GTA/Assassin’s Creed hybrid of sorts!