How to Survive and Make it Successful in the Music Industry Today


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You should know by now, with the unending technological advancements, the ways to make or break it inside the music industry has forever change; and it will always be changes. Either you adapt or be left behind like roller skates.

I’m still surprised though to see how many people are still glued to the outdated paths and beliefs to musical success. This includes sucking up to or impressing media gatekeepers (radio or whatever form of traditional media exposure), or selling out concerts and stadiums. If this rings true to you, you better reinvent your mind frame.

Now, allow me to clear the dark clouds to shed some insight on how things really get down; how to really progress successfully in today’s merciless music industry.

Here are some factual gems you should note:

1 .Don’t even worry about producing hits. Earning unique plays to your myspace profile or whatever artist page’s music player is what counts. It’s about expanding the niche to the point that can support you or your band. Think organic growth.

2. Focus on nurturing that core group of fans, how to keep them returning for more. It isn’t just about music anymore, feed them with your life stories, pictures, giveaways. Get interactive.

3. Don’t worry if you aren’t getting air time on the radio. Make sure your target audience stay interested in your music – this will compel them to spread the word and thus a viral marketing effect will take place.

4. Stop spending a fortune trying to reach an ever shrinking audience of singles buyers. What you need to establish is a high price point. You want fans to generate revenue from multiple streams of income.

So go ahead, school yourself with the internet and it’s advantages. Learn about the tricks and trades to marketing online. You’re more likely to attract new demographics and unexpected fans too.

Today, it is all about merging style, substance, talent, and an enthusiastic populace of potential die-hard fans.

To your bigger success you deserve,