How Do I Choose A Subject For Business Building Content Video?


So you are looking for subject for a video to put on YouTube that will send a lot of traffic to your blog, and you want to know how you will grab people?s attention. You know that people don?t want to continue watching something that is boring, so how do you choose your subject.

Well first consider that something that is boring to you might not be boring to me. If my main interest in life is horse riding, I?m probably not going to be interested in your video showing your latest quilt design. Yes both of the subjects are interesting to a number of people (not me, but you will have some takers somewhere).

New techniques ? There is always some new social networking site or something that you can show people how to use to build there business. You may need to find these early or too many others will have already made your video, but there are lots out there to choose from.

Easier ways to do things ? You most likely know some easier ways to design a website or lead capture pages or whatever. Always keep your eyes open for these and when you find something that works well for you, check our YouTube. If it hasn?t been made yet, you do it. Tell people how and you will have followers.

Less costly ways to do things ? I?m sure if you have spent anytime trying to build a business you have discovered a new and less costly way to do something. Let others know about it for an effective video.

The Freedom your business gives you ? What activities do you get to enjoy now that you have some time freedom because of your internet home-based business that you couldn?t do when you were punching the time clock. Oh sure you still work hard, but there is definitely more freedom, and more available daylight hours.

Relating your content to current events ? In the home-based and internet-