Gifts For Movie Lovers


Video cameras come in all shapes and sizes and are used for home movies and professional services. Giving a video camera as a gift is an expensive and tricky proposition. Not only is there cost to consider, but also the personal taste of the gift recipient. While videotapes have been used in the past to record movies, most camcorders these days are tapeless. So while recorders for kids who like to make movies can run under $100, those for the serious movie making adult can run from the hundreds to $3500 range, making this type of gift for the “movie” lover, somewhat pricey.

If the gift recipient enjoys going out to a show, what better themed gift is there, but movie passes. If you know what theater they frequent, than you can even buy them tickets. Sometimes this is a good idea for a particular premiere. There are also gift cards for particular theaters that can be used for shows and snacks.

There are many snacks to enjoy at home or at the theater these days. Of course, there is the standard popcorn snack, usually the buttered variety. There are many varieties of popcorn to have at home including a healthy variety of Smart Food Sour Cream and Onion Puffed Corn. There is also microwave popcorn, and gourmet popcorn gift baskets to enjoy.

For those that would prefer something sweet while watching their favorite flicks, there are gourmet candies available at select candy stores and online.? Other good snacks may include: specialty pretzels and nachos and cheese.



Other gift idea for the movie lover is a Netflix gift card or a Red Box gift card. Netflix is an American company that offers movie rentals through the mail as well as online streaming for a fixed monthly price. Red Box is another DVD rental company which has kiosks across the US and Canada where kiosks can be found in various retail stores and grocery markets. Redbox also allows for movie streaming in conjunction with Verizon. Gift cards to Amazon are also another idea.? The movie lover can pick out movies to purchase and keep instead of renting.

While not a movie, a related book is also an idea for a gift. Leonard Maltin puts out an annual movie guide that gives the reader summaries and reviews and always the latest information. He even has books about classic movies and other genres, and even has a book about the most underappreciated films that people don’t watch.

Another somewhat expensive idea is a laptop computer. In addition to getting a computer for work or play, the laptop can also be used to watch films. This may be a difficult present to buy someone, as this may be a rather personal item.

These are just a few ideas for gifts for the film lover. You can ever find the movie lover’s guide to film music. There are a lot of choices out there for gifts. All one has to do is know where to look.