Fix Your Own Xbox 360 Errors


My XBox sat under the bed, gathering dust and was replaced with a PS2 when I seriously decided to invest in a repair guide to fix my xbox myself…

The ” Red Ring of Death” so called because it has usually meant the end of gaming for the immediate future has been the one issue that has plagued the XBox 360 since it was introduced. This “red light ” is associated with several issues that may have caused the beloved unit to cease functioning. Among the problems that have triggered the light are…E74 errors, Processor overheating (the most common) that has led to screen slowdowns, screen freeze-ups, and general shutdown of the consoles…

The good news is that the affected consoles have been limited to a majority of the first generation and some second generation XBox 360 consoles. Unfortunately though, these 1st gen units are plentiful, and up until the many fixes for the “do-it-yourselfer entered the market, the only alternative was to return the units back to Microsoft for repair which usually meant a long and lengthy process!

here are many XBox 360 repair guides available on the internet today for the do-it- yourself repair mind set. These guides address the most common problems associated with the 1st generation and some 2nd generation XBox 360 consoles, including The “Red Ring of Death”, E74 errors, screen freezes, overheating units and more.

These do-it-yourself guides include some very detailed video instruction and step by step directions to allow the average, no let me rephrase that, total novice to repair the XBox themselves. There are a few things to keep in mind though if one is considering using these xbox repair guides to perform the repairs at home.

Existing warranties are void if the box is opened. This makes sense from Microsoft’s standpoint, but with most of the effected units “out of Warranty” the do it yourself option is a good one. The second thing is a disclaimer that states “1 – 2% of the issues may not be repairable with the guides.

With those odds, it was a no-brainer for me to do the repair myself, rather than send it back or worse yet, stash it in the closet. These guides do work.

I found the review of several very good guides at The costs varied a bit, but I was very pleased with the results with the guide I chose…