Cool Car Nicknames


No, no, no. There’s no such thing as cheap and cheerful. It’s cheap and nasty & expensive and cheerful.

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― Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear

Coming up with interesting is not that difficult. But if you can’t think of anything, just think of names based on the color of your car. Some innovative choices can be, “Silver Bullet”, “Blue Lagoon”, or “White Lightning”. Be creative and take your own time when you are thinking about nicknames. And as far as providing you with a list of nicknames to choose from, the following section will take care of it.

Good Nicknames

I have always loved experimenting with tons of nicknames for cars and then finally chose one for myself. It’s a bonding process with the entire situation where you, your car, and its name make the entire equation. So if you ever wonder what should you name your car, try any of these nicknames.

ArabellaAnnieAlexaAntwormArcherAllieArmageddonArnold S.BumblebeeBeastyBootyliciousBart SimpsonBombardierBananaramaBo PeepBuckminsterClarenceCarzillaCometCrankyCrankcaseClearanceCoast-busterCare BearDesdamonaDevilDinkyDexterDee-DeeDangerDandelionDisco LoverExploderEgg VanElliotEllieEight-lapsEstrogenEmuErosFlubberFenryFieroFrankieFreddyFangsFandangoFish-sticksGoldmemberGoat RiderGoldilocksGeckoGodzillaGeekyGangnam StyleGogo DollsHam GlazeHocus PocusHulk HoganHurricaneHumpyHectorHelter SkelterHis HighnessIanIreneIndestructibleIron ManIndieIdiot BoxIndian CurryIndigoJet LiJohn Claude SlamJade LeeJujubeeJamsJabbawockeezJangoJitter BugKlutcherKoo-KooKutieKinkyKurtKross-overKikidiKattieLil’ BlueLemon-squeezeLong JohnLaniLash BearLamborghiniLimcaLazy BumMr. ToadMean Green MachineMelonMillieMileyMango PulpMaseratiMayorNishaNoodlesNollieNightingaleNancy DrewNicoletteNascarNoogieOliverOllieOatmealOxOgreOgle-GoogleOscarOMG!Purple DovePreciousPPPacifierPanzerPandoraPeppermintPaper WeightQueenieQuizzilaQuantumQ-TipQuestion MarkQuesadillaQuesterQuiz MasterRoosterRookieRoadsterRamboRositaRoryRangerRascalSunshineSanky TankyStellaSashaScalesScarlettSamuraiSquash-bucketThe FrogThe BeastTriggerTinkmobileTom CruiserThe ThingThumbelinaTheodoreUbercoolUltrababeUnderdogUnbelievableUmbreallaUplanderU-HaulUh-oh!Van-CanVendettaVenkyVixenVaporizeVictoria’s SecretVroom-VroomVeronicaWandaWalrusWedgeWhateverWillyWaggyWagerWagerYolandaYar-YarYahooYankee DoodleYodlerYellerYabadabadooYuppyZoo-ZooZedXZoomerZorroZippyZoom-ZoomZanzibarZukerberg

Nicknames for Cars

Lots of guys, and some girls, like to name their rides with some awesome racing car names. Here’s a list of cool nicknames for the die-hard fans of race cars.

Bomb-zillasBartholomewBoombasticBessieCasperCape TownLuckyLiverpoolLove MachineLandgonMeat-grinderBBQ SauceBusterBeautyBandwidthSpeedySecretaryIronhideSilverboltBootyBigfootSilver FoxSideswipePaint BoyPaint BrushThe DemonThe MinionHumpieHomerieFireballFirepuffFugitive

Go ahead and give your rides , because they deserves it. Your car is always with you through thick and thin, no matter where you want to go, it will take you without ever complaining (well, except the part when they don’t work). Think outside the box, be super creative, and choose from the nicknames mentioned above. Playing with names is really fun. Try different nicknames and let us know which one you choose for your precious car.