Colossus Fire !


LOS ANGELES – A fire collapsed part of the Colossus roller coaster ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park Monday before firefighters extinguished the blaze.

The park was closed at the time, and no injuries were reported.

Local TV news stations aired helicopter video showing fire burning at a high point on the giant amusement ride. Pieces of the track and wooden structure could be seen falling away as firefighters struggled to reach the fire with the water stream from their hoses.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to the fire just after 1:30 p.m., at the amusement park located next to Interstate 5 in Santa Clarita north of Los Angeles.



vThe fire was extinguished by 2 p.m. There was no immediate word on what caused the blaze.

The wooden coaster ride was opened in 1978 and was closed just last month after 36 years in operation. It was due to be replaced by a new ride called “Twisted Colossus,” a combined wood and steel structure.


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