China School Stabbing : ANAGRY Parent Kills 3 students, Teacher


A China school stabbing on the first day of classes Monday left three students and a teacher dead and several more injured after a parent, who was allegedly angry that officials wouldn‘t allow his daughter to register, lashed out.

The suspect, Chen Yanfu, reportedly stormed a fifth-grade classroom around 10:20 a.m. and attacked three children and the instructor with a fruit knife, The New York Times reported. He then jumped to his death from atop the school building, according to a police statement.

CCTV, China’s state broadcaster, claimed Yanfu was upset that school officials wouldn’t allow his daughter to register for the new term. Administrators said that was because the girl had not finished her summer homework, according to The Times.
The attack highlights an uptick in violent crime in China, which is still rare in the communist country compared to other industrialized nations, according to Reuters. The Chinese have even taken steps to improve security measures at schools in recent years following a series of attacks, at times linked to people with personal grudges or those suffering from mental health problems.

In a separate incident back in May, a different man stabbed and injured eight students in a primary school in another city in Hubei, according to Reuters. In December 2012, a man broke into a primary school in Henan and stabbed and injured 23 children, CCTV noted.

In another incident in March 2010, a man stabbed eight students to death at a school in China’s southeastern Fujian province after breaking up with his girlfriend, according to police.

In yet another stabbing in 2010, three more children died and more than 20 students and staff members were injured at a Chinese kindergarten in Shandong province.

Knives were also the weapons of choice for Chinese separatists in a series of bloody attacks on train passengers earlier this year. One such attack in March left 29 dead and some 130 injured in Kunming.

The attack is being blamed on a Xinjiang separatist group from northwest China. The train station violence was seen as evidence of rising ethnic tensions in the Xinjiang region of China.

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