Can an Old Refrigerator Be Turned into an Electric Race Car? ComEd Launches New Icebox Derby STEM Initiative | Business Wire


    Thirty-one aspiring female inventors will compete to build and race

    electric cars created from old refrigerators as part of a new initiative

    launched by ComEd. The program, dubbed “The Icebox Derby,” is

    co-sponsored by Girls4Science, Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and

    fridgeNorthwest Indiana and the Chicago Urban League and is designed to

    educate and empower young women to explore opportunities in STEM

    (science, technology, engineering and math).

    This six-week long Icebox Derby project will challenge six teams of

    girls, aged 13-18, to build electric race cars out of recycled

    refrigerators. The girls will rely on teamwork and ingenuity to complete

    the assignment, but will have the support of mentors from ComEd and its

    community partners and STEM experts on hand to guide them. This exciting

    educational competition provides a platform by which the girls will gain

    real world experience and understand some of the practical applications

    of the STEM subjects they learn in school.

    “We are excited to launch this year’s inaugural Icebox Derby, which

    underscores our commitment to STEM education, and look forward to

    providing a creative platform for these young women to develop their

    skills, while showcasing their tenacity, ingenuity and talent,” said

    Anne Pramaggiore, President and CEO of ComEd. “As the local electric

    utility in Northern Illinois, we understand that it is our

    responsibility to help power the communities we serve, not just today,

    but in the future. In addition to our commitment to advancing the

    reliability and sustainability of the services we provide, we are

    invested in helping to cultivate the young people who will become the

    nation’s next generation of innovators.”

    Each week, the teams will participate in a series of challenges that

    will put their STEM skills to the test as they build their Icebox Derby

    cars. These weekly challenges will take place at the Derby Garage (451

    N. Wood St., Chicago, IL 60622)