Best Apps to Discover New Music

Soundwave, now available for iOS 7, is an alternative for Apple’s music-playing app. It was picked as the ‘Editor’s Choice’ app by Apple at its launch.

Most of us have our favorite songs on our devices. But when you need to find new tracks or songs in alternate music genres, you need to thoroughly search the Internet. Though iTunes and Android devices have their dedicated music apps, if you are in search of new music, check out the following app suggestions.


You can turn to your smartphone whenever you wish to listen to new music. Soundrop has specific theme-based rooms that have a list of the most popular songs from a particular genre. Separate rooms are also available for music by your favorite artists. You can join their chat rooms, and make new friends who share the same interests in music.

Price: Free


One of the most popular music discovery apps, Pandora is a genie which plays only your favorite music. You can create personalized radio stations by signing into their account, and listen to these stations on the web, TV, or on the go. Pandora has some very rare music recordings, and has a lot of old as well as new songs.

Price: Free


The Songza app is a must for all music lovers who like listening to music that suits their taste, by creating playlists organized by activity, genre, decade, and mood! The ‘Music Concierge’ finds the right kind of music for the right moments. You can save your favorite playlists, and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks as well.

Price: Free

TuneIn Radio

Radio stations from around the world are available on your smartphone by simply tuning in to TuneIn radio. About 70,000 live radio stations, and 2 million podcasts, shows or concerts can be listened to, right on your smartphone. You can also log into their site tunein to listen to your favorite music. With this app, you can not only listen to music, but also to news, comedy stations, sports channels, etc.

Price: Free


This music discovery app lets you to instantly share and catalog your favorite music for free. There is no need to manually upload or tag your favorite songs. Soundwave automatically syncs your favorite music, and lets you share it with your friends across the globe. With the Music Map feature, you can simply draw a circle on any location on the Map, to find out the trending songs in that region.

Price: Free

File:Spotify logo horizontal black.jpg

Spotify does not need any introduction. It gives you instant access to millions of songs which you can listen to for free. If any music station is playing your favorite song, you can save it with a single tap. The Premium version allows you to listen to your favorite tracks offline!

Price: Free


Undoubtedly the best music app, Shazam still tops the best music apps charts. The app recognizes your favorite music genre, and gives suggestions of the same kind of music. You can buy these songs from iTunes, watch them on YouTube, or even get the lyrics using the LyricPlay feature.

Price: Free


The Deezer app helps you to enjoy unlimited songs from theme-based or artist-based radio channels. If you have a great music collection, you can upload the same to your Deezer account, and listen to them on your computer. With the Premium+ subscription, you can listen to your favorite tracks offline. You can also browse editorial picks, friends’ recommendations, and latest tracks.

Price: Free

Twitter #Music

This app is available on iTunes exclusively. You can listen to songs that were suggested in various tweets. Music created by new artists can also be listened to, by using this app. Tweets related to each track are available alongside the track being played. If you don’t have iTunes, you can listen to the tracks via Spotify as well.

Price: Free


SoundHound is a must-have app for all music lovers. The app recognizes music snippets playing and identifies the song for you. You can buy these songs and even see their lyrics. If you are even humming a song, the app will recognize it. The SoundHound Headlines brings all the latest song streams and songs by new artists, right to your smartphone.

Price: Free for Android/$6.99 for iTunes

Disclaimer: Prices mentioned in this article are subject to change without prior notice and do not include any promotions or offers.

With so many apps that can help you discover new music, you will never run out of music. You can also share your favorite tracks on social networking sites so that your friends can listen to these songs as well.