Avirex in The Armed Force And in The Market


There are many popular brands of urban clothing lines in the market today, and one of the most popular providers is Avirex. And what made Avirex a unique brand is that it was first known as a brand of popular authentic American-style jackets which were influenced by flight jackets worn by fighter pilots in World War II.

Avirex in the Armed Force

Before Avirex was known as a popular brand of urban and hip-hop clothing lines, it was first known as a popular brand of jackets in the market. However, even before it was known as a brand of jacket, Avirex was already a popular brand of military wear that supplies the US Armed Forces with authentic jackets.

According to many fashion experts, Avirex was first founded by Jeff Clyman in 1975 as a supplier of military-grade flight jackets to the US Air Force in an attempt to continue the production of WWII flight jackets that his father, a former fighter pilot for the US Air Force, have collected over the years.

Eventually, Avirex was made a premier supplier of premium jackets not only to the US Air Force but also to the US Military, the Marines, the US Navy, and the US Coast Guard. Start your own wholesale avirex clothing business with Sevenwholesale.com.

Avirex in the Lime Light and in the Fashion Industry

One of the main reasons why Avirex had gained market popularity is because of the many popular movies that have featured these brands of jackets. Some of the most popular movies that have the brand are Star Wars, Terminator, India Jones, and Top Gun in which Tom Cruise was seen wearing original brands of Avirex jackets.

Because of the popularity of these movies, many of its merchandize had also gained a lot of popularity, including the Avirex Jackets. Eventually, Jeff decided to open his brand to the market by opening his flagship store named “The Cockpit” in Manhattan's posh SoHo neighborhood.

True to its inspirations, The Cockpit's interior bears a resemblance to a large American aircraft carrier. It has a 1944 AT6 Texan as its centerpiece, and other authentic aviation artifacts for its furnishings. Because of its aviation feel, The Cockpit remains to be one of the most unique boutiques in the world. Start your own wholesale avirex clothing business with Sevenwholesale.com.


In 2006, Jeff Clyman sold Avirex brand and trademark as well as Avirex sportswear and Hip-hop fashion lines in three World regions: Europe, Japan and USA. A new owner of Avirex brand for USA is Mark Ecko Enterprises. Jeff Clyman then founded a new company for military apparel called Cockpit USA. For more information you may visit to our site at http://www.sevenwholesale.com.