15 Stupid Things Drunk People Did


15 Times Drunk People Totally Nailed It, Or At Least Thought They Did

Drunk people. They’re so brilliant during their time of intoxication…


There is no shortage of great ideas when you’re drunk. Everything is totally reasonable, and you’re 100 percent positive that your logic is sound. Until the next morning when you’ve had a chance to sober up and see the fruits of your drunken labor.

For these people, it all probably seemed like a great idea at the time:

  • 1
    Sleeping with your contacts in can be painful.
    Good thing he remembered to take them out!
  • 2
    Now that’s how you order a cheeseburger.
    He definitely had it “his” way.
  • 3
    Talking to your kids can be hard, but this dad’s got it.
    Someday they’ll share a Twinkie and laugh about this.
  • 4
    Clearly, no one could beat this guy at darts.
    He was just. Too. Good.
  • 5
    This guy’s soda will be fizzy for a long time.
    Why yes, that is foil AND an ethernet cable.
  • 6
    Cats are fed!
    At least, we hope this is for more than one cat.
  • 7
    Anti-theft device: Engaged.
    The orange cones let you know it’s working.
  • 8
    Guess who made their lunch for work tomorrow?
    This guy!
  • 9
    … And gassed up the car?
    We’re not so clear what happened after that, however.
  • 10
    Thus guy had a vision for more comfortable bathroom experience…
    … And turned that vision into reality.
  • 11
    Think drunk people don’t know how to tip?
  • 12
    It’s important to get some food in your stomach before bed.
    Or, you know, near your stomach in bed.
  • 13
    Good thing he put the keg somewhere he’ll remember.
    They charge you a late fee if you don’t return it on time, you know.
  • 14
    Looks like someone got into the Halloween spirit early!
    This is probably the best possible outcome when you combine alcohol and knives.
  • 15
    One couch, two people. How will they ever fit?